What Harmful Noise Level is Harmful?

noise high levelsAll kind of pollution is increasing from air to soil and noise to water. Noise pollution can be harmful and if it exceeds limit then one can face hearing issues. Everyone’s ears response to the sound frequency in quite a different manner like one can feel a low frequency irritating but other can’t.

However, when it exceeds the loudness level and an individual listen to it for a longer time period then chances of losing hearing ability are higher. People using subwoofer or another kind of sound devices listen to music on higher levels. However, it can be harmful. Even the same goes for a DIY subwoofer because these are extra loud then it should be.

What’s The Harmful Level?

Many of you may know that we usually talk at 60db (decibel – unit to measure sound’s loudness). We are able to bear the noise to higher levels but the level which isn’t harmful is 75db. A sound level below this has no harm whereas most of the rock music concert has 120db sound noise. It can be troublesome as someone stay in such environment for a longer time. Even one can lose the hearing ability.

So, what’s the perfect solution to eradicate this issue? Well, the easy method suggested by many people is to use earplugs because these can decrease the noise level by many times and the noise doesn’t hit directly into your ears. Most of the products we use at home like home theater or subwoofers are designed to be safer.

Final Words

Most of the people who built DIY subwoofer can take this tip into consideration to stay safe and hassle-free. These are really important factors so everyone should focus on it. The average home noise level is 40db and mostly it remains below 60 so you should stay in an environment where the noise level is low.