A useful guide to mount the surround speaker

Home Theatre RoomThe speaker placement is the most important to achieve the finest performance with your home theater room, whether you are working with a classy high-end home cinema system.

Before placing your speaker, you may know what height should surround speakers be mounted and understand of how and where to place your speakers for the best surround sounding experience. Behind the surround sound speaker placement, there are several factors can influence the quality of sound that you are able to obtain.

The most important thing is addressing some of the factors that can differ from room to room and may control your sound quality.

How high should you mount your surround speakers?

Basically, many of the surround system systems fall into several categories such as 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 that include five, seven or nine various speakers along with a subwoofer. There are different speakers available such as front speakers, rear speakers, a center bar and a subwoofer in the surround sound system. Normally, the surround sound speaker height should be about 2 feet just above the ear level.

Initially, you have to find the placement of your different speakers. Based on the specific model you have purchased, the manufacturer will often provide the placement information.

In order to achieve the perfect sound for your space, you may take some experimentation, modification and also follow the recommendations sketched in the basic surround speaker placement guide.

How to place your speakers to increase your home theater experience?

The main purpose of setting up a surround sound speaker is to enclose the listener. Just like a movie theater, you may hear the sound coming from behind you with the set of highest quality speakers.

The speaker placement height is about a few feet behind your listening position and then faces them forward. The main thing to consider is to avoid placing your speakers and seat strike up against your walls.

Also, you should not place the speakers any more than a foot or the left and the right sides of a screen.

Overall, the surround sound speaker placement based on the plenty of factors such as the number of speakers and the size of your room.

You can play around with the different sets of speakers to get the setting that suits your room. Let you experiment with the various positions until you arrive at something that you are most comfortable with.