Concert Loudness – Issues and Solutions

Most of us love to watch an awesome concert of popular musicians and hang out in the tune. There are so many good things but you can easily find some issues too. The most common issue is the loudness in the hall.

Issue In Brief

Few famous musicians claimed that going to a concert and listening music at higher volumes can be troublesome as it can decrease hearing issue. There are many other online sources claiming the same and advice to wear earplugs but it is really true and do earplugs help in front of large speakers. There is no doubt in the fact that the Noise level is too high. Sometimes, it become irritating and you face issues like headache and few more.noise rating

So, the question arrives that how much noise can affect your hearing ability. It depends on the fact that how close you are to speakers. Many people have the review regarding such issues and you can check them out so it is true that speakers can decrease hearing power. The chances are higher that you can lose hearing ability too. So, is there any solution to eradicate this issue?

We hear and response because the normal talking decibel is 65db. You don’t have to worry about any kind of issue until your ears are exposed to 45db but volume higher than this can hurt your hearing power so bad. The noise rating in most of the concert is 85db and sometimes, it is much more than this as if it is a metal music or rock music concert.


 standard decibel level for musicAs suggested by some musicians that earplugs can help in it but, how much? Well, you will get less Noise level in ears. On the other hand, if you are close to speakers then the noise occurred from the speaker won’t hit the eardrum directly. It reduced the issues by many times.

There is one more solution and it is to stay away from speakers. You can manage to maintain the gap and if it is too high then the noise won’t hit you and you can enjoy the concert instead of getting any sort of a headache.

If someone stays in the noisy environment for 2 minutes where the decibel is 110db or more then the ears will lose ability immediately. It is the reason that one should avoid such kind of concert where the crowd will be too high or you aren’t getting the space away from speakers.

The Final Verdict

There is one easy method to know whether the sound level is too high or not. If you are two meters away from someone and can’t listen to them even they are speaking loud then it isn’t the safe place to stay more time. The hair cells are getting destroyed due to so much Noise level. The standard decibel level for music is 60db and if you check out decibel in rock concert then it is 120db which can be harmful. Always take precautions to keep your ears safe and away from any kind of issue.